Alternative one: For example, when you lease a carbon sink for 5 years (see webshop), we are committed to managing the forest responsibly and in support of sustainable development with the help of our partner, METSÄn tähden Tiimi. In addition, we will use a fair share to plant new forests. We try to buy forests from private owners for carbon sinks so that the forests wouldn't have final logging too soon, for example. This also saves the forest owner the hassle of managing the forest. Both the forest owner and the globe win, don't they?

Alternative two: When you buy some of our complete packages, for example offset of electricity, we plant 85 seedlings of trees and so a whole new forest carbon sink begins to work to absorb carbon dioxide and store it as carbon. 85 trees offset the electricity consumption of an average family. Of course, you can buy as many packages as you like, if you feel your electricity consumption is higher and you want to compensate for it in full.

We have a mission to protect these natural carbon sinks that are still around. By this, we don't actually mean conserving the forest, but taking care of it properly. Rainforests are destroyed all the time for the sake of agriculture, and so we think that we have to have good carbon sinks elsewhere. Here in Co2 Compensate Finland, we do sustainable forest carbon sinks. In our agency, 100% of all the money that has been invested in the forests, stays in Finland. After all, when we do the final logging at the right time, the forest has produced more wood than it would have if the final logging had been done too soon. This way, for instance, wooden houses and wooden furniture do still function as carbon dioxide (?) storage. So, therefore, we sell forest carbon sink certificates for individual people and for companies. When a customer invests his or her money into the forest carbon sink, we will use a share of it planting a new forest. This way you as a customer can and will be an important part of the project of adding more forest carbon sinks to our vitally important planet Earth by supporting us. Let's work together to secure a better future!

The customer receives a certificate that they have offset their carbon footprint by investing a forest carbon sink. Businesses can use certification, for example in marketing. It's a nice thing to show for your friends too, and maybe get them do something about global warming too! Certification is proof of responsibility and durability and will be sent when the customer completes a purchase online store.

The amount you invest, will rent the forest under early loggings as carbon sinks, plant new forest and support Finnish work.

When a customer invests in a forest carbon sink, they have the freedom to come and camp, for example, there. We also provide accommodation and camping services upon request.

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