2000 new seedlings will be planted per hectare of mineral land that used to be arable land

Both trees and soil bind carbon. One hectare with a 55-year cycle captures a total of 127,000kg of carbon from the climate; 

Soil 77t and forest 50t carbon

One average person emits per year, is about 10,000 kg of carbon dioxide.

To compensate, about 2709 kg of carbon must be bound. (The molecular ratio of carbon dioxide to carbon is 44/12 = 3.67.)

One planted seedling binds 63 kg of carbon over 55 years.

So to offset the emissions of the year, you need 43 planted seedlings!

Co2 Compensate Finland istuttaa ne puolestasi! Yhden taimen istuttaminen maksaa 2,50 euroa, joka sisältää istutustyön ja taimen hankintahinnan.

All the information and operations we use are based on the Finland Natural Resources Centre's calculation for Co2 Compensate Finland of compensating for carbon dioxide emissions through afforestation of fields. The calculations can be seen by pressing the button below. Calculations are in finnish.

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